Biofabrication Pilot Facility

Biofabrication Pilot Facility

Organs and living tissues can have very complex structures that cannot yet be reproduced properly with existing technology for tissue and organ culture. Biofabrication brings (manipulated) cells and biomaterials together, for example with the help of 3D bioprinting, to create functional tissue as implants or patient-specific disease models. The printable component of cells, growth factors and biomaterials, the bio-ink, is often based on a hydrogel formulation. The purpose of this biofabrication pilot facility is to use the body's own material of patients and to implant it back into the patient after reprocessing and use of biofabrication and/or genetic engineering. 

A second application is to create (validate, standardize, and automate) organ- and patient-specific in vitro models to predict the effectiveness and safety of therapies in a specific patient or patient population. 

Product portfolio

  • Guiding innovations through the product lifecycle.
  • Demonstrations, (technical) feasibility studies, (co-)development.
  • (Early) economical evaluations.
  • Bioink & biomaterial screenings.
  • (Co-)developing and tuning of (bio)fabrication production processes.
  • Assisting in the transition from innovation to production.
  • Training: biofabrication for translation.

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