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Advanced therapies treat and can maybe even cure (chronic) diseases by aiding or stimulating the self-repair or self-defence of the human body. By integrating innovation, translation and production (clinical application), ICAT enables a smooth transition for bench to bedside and beyond. 

Utilizing the regenerative power of the human body to improve patient's health is a goal that Utrecht has been working on for years. 


Transforming healthcare by utilizing the power of the human body.


Building bridges between research and clinical practice, by uniting all relevant expertise and infrastructure to optimize patient-specific advanced therapies.

Cooperation between academic and commercial partners uitklapper, klik om te openen

ICAT facilitates and stimulates the cooperation between academic and commercial partners. 

By integrating state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated staff, we can swiftly bring radical medical innovations and complex technologies from the bench to the bedside.    

ICAT offers

  • (Technical) Feasibility studies​
  • Co-development, scale-up and standardize (GMP)​
  • Validation of (new) therapies
  • GMP production, small scale and personalized​
  • Training, consultancy and coaching the go-to-market
  • Open innovation lab environment


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